Monday, December 31, 2012

Thinking back on this year, I am recalling that last New Year's, Coldfront Magazine published this piece on Carolyn's Fingers by the Cocteau Twins. Lots of music suggestions made at this time of year and somehow I just want to sit around listening to this song. Hope you're having a year full of kindness towards yourself and others.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Updates

Thanks to Andy Fitch and Christopher Schmidt for putting together a great trove of interviews in The Conversant and for including some of my episodes from The Last Word, the radio show I do at the school where I teach, Stockton College.

Also, I'm really proud to say I will be reading at the Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival in October. Don't know how I got on this roster, but I will be really proud that day to be alongside some of my very favorite poets like Eduardo C. Corral and so forth.

I also updated my tour dates. After serious discussion over some shrimp scampi, Kate Greenstreet and I decided to make two tours next spring: one in the South and one in beloved, gigantic California. Come out and see us! She's a superb reader. You can hear her here.

And lastly! The Catch Up Louisville people asked their contributors to participate in some recommending of other poets. My picks are here. When I see these names in magazines, I stop and read the work and am always pleased.

Now to make some blueberry jam.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Thanks to the Dodge Foundation for asking me to do the Giving Voice project this spring with all kinds of other fantastic poets like Christine Salvatore, CJ Sage, BJ Ward, Paul-Victor Winters, etc. The goal: to have teachers sit around and talk about poetry for enjoyment, not a display of their knowledge. Included meditation. Wonderful thing to do.

Also, my second book is coming out in February 2013 from Switchback Books. That happened in December. Um. I guess I haven't updated this blog much. But I am excited and very grateful to the editors and to Harryette Mullen who picked it.

I'm keeping my readings to a minimum until February 2013. Gotta rest up. But so happy to be reading in Connecticut in September.