Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Updates

Thanks to Andy Fitch and Christopher Schmidt for putting together a great trove of interviews in The Conversant and for including some of my episodes from The Last Word, the radio show I do at the school where I teach, Stockton College.

Also, I'm really proud to say I will be reading at the Dodge Foundation Poetry Festival in October. Don't know how I got on this roster, but I will be really proud that day to be alongside some of my very favorite poets like Eduardo C. Corral and so forth.

I also updated my tour dates. After serious discussion over some shrimp scampi, Kate Greenstreet and I decided to make two tours next spring: one in the South and one in beloved, gigantic California. Come out and see us! She's a superb reader. You can hear her here.

And lastly! The Catch Up Louisville people asked their contributors to participate in some recommending of other poets. My picks are here. When I see these names in magazines, I stop and read the work and am always pleased.

Now to make some blueberry jam.