Thursday, May 14, 2015

Updates: Hillary Gravendyk's poems

In the last year, a few projects and poems from Hillary were published and I wanted to give an update on those. Thanks to her friends and family for help with the task of pulling her work together. If you have any questions about her work, or her collection of poems Harm, please feel free to message me on Facebook.

There is a memorial blog page for Hillary on the UC Berkeley site here.

New poems from Hillary appeared in Newfound, and are beautiful. Read them here.

There was also a memorial issue of Comma Poetry dedicated to Hillary's poetry which is still up/the current issue, here.

Six wonderful collaborative poems between Maureen Aslop and Hillary came out in the Volta: Check them out here.

The poet rob mclennan offers to this list the four poems she submitted for the dusie 'tuesday poem' series, posted in July 2014. You can find them here. rob also wrote "a wee obit" that I'll relink to here on my blog for those who might not have seen, here.

In the last few weeks I have compiled a ms. from the remaining poems in Hillary's dropbox. Benjamin has looked it over and it is now with Omnidawn's editors who are very much and warmly interested. As soon as I hear anything from them, I'll say something here about it.

I also know that Hillary and my book of collaborations is slated to come out from 1913 Press next year. At the end of the summer a special pre-sale for Unlikely Conditions by Hillary and myself will go up on their site. I'll share the link when it appears.

Margaret Ronda shared this: I've added the links of her work to to the others on the website for the Hillary Gravendyk Scholarship (for the Squaw Valley Community of Writers). The links can be found at the bottom of each page. Find it here.

Cati Porter let me know that Maureen Alsop, a longtime friend and colleague and she suggested that Inlandia could honor Hillary through dedicating a memorial poetry book competition in her name. With Maureen's help, Cati contacted Benjamin and her sister and received their blessing. This year's contest just closed, but Cati is glad to say that it attracted some very fine work and they're looking forward to keeping her memory alive through this contest, year after year. If you'd like to know more about it, or would like to participate in some way in the future, here is the link to the page: here.

And a photo of Hillary from I think 2009. Because. Because so adorable. Missed by so many.