Friday, November 20, 2015

Fall Reading Stuffs

It was a busy fall for readings. Nothing planned for now but AWP. Some shortstop write-ups.

I had the pleasure of reading with Thomas Devaney and Trapeta Mayson at the Moonstone Arts reading on October 14th. I love Tom's work and its insistence on joy and place, on the amazing fact of being present to the teeming world. And I also was so honored to read with Trapeta and see that she and I like to write about home, the idea of home, and being in-between home and contradictions. She's got a really sweet poem here.

I also read with Jee Leong Koh at Bookculture. Such a gracious man! The friends of his that I spoke to after the reading were all pleased to be brought together by this charismatic person. And his poems are wonderful: Here's one that was recently in the Guardian UK called "In His Other House".

Cecily Iddings reinvented the purposes of the colon and brought all her really salient observations into some smashed up lyrics at her reading for Berl's. Her new book is here and she was kind enough to invite Frank Guan, intense and awesome translator and novelist ("I am not a poet") and Simeon Berry who has such an observational way with people and great endings to his poems.

Read back in September for Tony Mancus and friends at In Your Ear in Washington DC. Was fun to read with Magus Mangus and Martine Bellen in a black box theater and then get chocolate ales and hang out in the bar.

Finally: I did read with Christine Shan Shan Hou (and made such a great new friend)!!!, Amy Lawless, Paige Taggart, Tommy Pico, Chris Tonelli and Sam Starkweather at Over the Eights. I think if you know this line-up you will know the poetry floor was fiercely destroyed. Shazesus.

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