Readings for Futureless Languages

It means a lot to me that Ian Davisson and Ryan Eckes, the Philly poets behind Radiator Press have brought Futureless Languages into the world. I'm focusing my readings this spring in the Philly and South Jersey area. I'm glad to set something up in the fall as well at your school or via Skype farther afield.

Friday January 25th with Marion Bell, Radiator Press launch
Frank O'Hara's Last Lover series
run by Jason Mitchell
Morning Glory Diner, 7PM
Philadelphia, PA

Saturday February 16th
with Alina Pleskova and Berry Grass
A Novel Idea on Passyunk, 7PM
Philadelphia, PA

Wednesday March 20th, with the best open mic around
World Above Reading Series
run by Emari DiGiorgio
Noyes Arts Garage, 7PM
Atlantic City, NJ

Tuesday April 2nd with Ryan Eckes and Ian Davisson
Poet and Student Series
run by Maya Pindyck and Nicole Steinberg
Galleries at Moore College of Art and Design, 6PM
Philadelphia, PA

Saturday April 6th with *the* Emily August
Big Blue Marble Reading Series
run by Elliott batTzedek
Big Blue Marble Bookstore, Time TBA
Mount Airy, PA

Friday April 25th with Soham Patel, C.H. Hooks, and Caleb Sarvis
Keep St. Pete Lit
run by Maureen McDole
with thanks to Sarah Gerard
Location TBD, Time TBD
St. Petersburg, FL

Tuesday May 7th
Northfield Library Open Series
run by Aubrey Rahab
Otto Bryuns Library, 6PM
Northfield, NJ

Saturday May 17th, with Cynthia Dewi Oka
Inkwood Books, 7PM
run by Dave Worrell
Collingswood, NJ

Friday September 13, with Lee Bricetti
Ruth Stone Foundation, 7PM
run by Bianca Stone
Goshen, VT

If you're interested in having me read at your school or Skype in, please be in touch at my gmail address listed in my profile. I also have a craft talk/workshop on translation to share. I'm especially glad to book in Fall 2019. Thank you!


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