Summer Updates

Just wanted to put a summer update out there:

I enjoyed a month residency at Somos Artist House in Berlin. I enjoyed being around multidiciplinary visual artists, living with and exchanging ideas with them. When I was leaving for the residency I had planned to draft two short stories which I did, but it felt more like a time to think over my practices as an artist, the worth of political art and art in general, and ask myself what would I do if I were not a writer? Marcia Vaitsman and I had a great time thinking about games, labor, women and group dynamics around handicraft given my experience with teaching Quilts and her interest in interactive and game oriented exhibitions. I also was so lucky to witness the performative art of Alison Matthews who performed a dazzling one woman cabaret that incorporated ideas from John Berger, Twin Peaks, and her own life. Not to be missed!

The dreamy art of Dongyan Chen amazed me with its interrogation of how we know when we are awake and when we are dreaming, and who "kills" our separate destinies. I was also extremely impressed with the South Korean/Canadian artist Ivetta Kang whose work on memory and oblivion and anxiety struck a nerve with my metaphor loving mind.

I'm grateful to the interns of Somos who work tireless hours to bring exhibitions togther physically and digitally, to Paulus and Hans who run the place, and to Sophie Morrow (amazing performance artist) and Corinna Berndt (amazing digital and visual artist) who made it feel like home. Their ideas and natures will be influencing me for a long while.


And I really appreciated the generosity of Liz Clark Wessel and her open nature and the talks I had with her and Agri Ismail (whom I recommend following on IG). A lot of affinity shared and communal laughing at a cafe in Stockholm in late May. Thank you!


Now to work on caring for my family, marketing for Futureless Languages, and the final edits for Continuity, its sequel. Happy August and if you get one, happy vacation/Urlaub.


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