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The Sealey Challenge

Looking forward to spending time this month reading books I haven't gotten around to this year, especially wonderful new books I bought/hoarded at AWP in Portland. It's a great way to explore new work by poets of color and to think about the ways we can speak from our own truth rather than the standards that help us no longer, in life and in poetics. I did it last year and loved it so much and am lucky I have the time to do it. Thanks Ms. Sealey. You can follow people doing this challenge on Instagram at #thesealeychallenge and read some great recommendations here.

On a side note, I did update the blogger template for this blog for fun. It reminds me of the late eighties and orange-y lipstick, old houses in Louisville, oilcloth. I'm closing up the older pages for now and will repost them here or they'll appear on a new blog.

Tomorrow I'm heading to DC for the Asian-American Poetry Festival in DC, sure to be incredible and powerful. It'll be good to see artistic…