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Fall Updates

Marion Bell and I had a great reading with Lee Bricetti and Airea D Matthews at Antidote Books in Putney VT. This reading was sponsered by the Ruth Stone Foundation. Great to read to a full bookstore on a Saturday night. And hanging out with Marion over the weekend as the leaves were turning a little red and a cord and a half of wood got dropped in our host's yard--we felt as Marion said rejuvenated.

The Ruth Stone Foundation will be having an auction to raise money this fall and I'm offering a manuscript consultation as one of the items. I'll post more on this when a link develops. I would love to offer one to an auction customer and one for free to a poet from a marginalized population (i.e. I pay the fee). Stay tuned.

Just over the weekend at the &Now Conference in Bothell, Washington, 1913 Press assembled a selection of dozens of positively scrappy, deadpan, in literal holes in the ground people reading the Muller Report and I was one of them. I think somewhere in …