Fall Updates

Marion Bell and I had a great reading with Lee Bricetti and Airea D Matthews at Antidote Books in Putney VT. This reading was sponsered by the Ruth Stone Foundation. Great to read to a full bookstore on a Saturday night. And hanging out with Marion over the weekend as the leaves were turning a little red and a cord and a half of wood got dropped in our host's yard--we felt as Marion said rejuvenated.

The Ruth Stone Foundation will be having an auction to raise money this fall and I'm offering a manuscript consultation as one of the items. I'll post more on this when a link develops. I would love to offer one to an auction customer and one for free to a poet from a marginalized population (i.e. I pay the fee). Stay tuned.

Just over the weekend at the &Now Conference in Bothell, Washington, 1913 Press assembled a selection of dozens of positively scrappy, deadpan, in literal holes in the ground people reading the Muller Report and I was one of them. I think somewhere in the middle of my clip I just stop out of pure incredulity. Find the YouTube Channel for that long reading here.

I'll be writing about a poem that changed my life's direction for the Poetry Daily people. That'll be sometime pretty soon. It arrived in a letter from a friend that had gone on to art school. I was 16 and sat on the front porch, read it, and couldn't believe that all of that thinking had been laid out so clearly. That's sometime in October.

This coming October 10th I'll be talking around 6PM at the Tyler School of Art with editors Ian Davisson, and Ryan Eckes from Radiator Press about Futureless Languages and small press ventures. Student readers will be there. I'm excited for that. Maybe we can talk about our new jobs in the new world with smaller communities, less traveling, more on-line readings, more reaching out to neighbors, and less being zoned out.

On January 30th I'll be heading up to Troy NY to read at the series run by Matthew Klane. Hopefully there will be no snowpacalypse. More info soon.

I've been doing some unofficial translations from French to English which was very satisfying: Addie Tsai has been doing some work in video and film and asked me for help. If anyone thinks they want translations of poetry from French to English, let me know as I am interested in translation, collage of language, idioms, reading pedagogies, codes, and so on.


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