Friday, February 23, 2018

The Magician

The Magician from Kate Greenstreet on Vimeo.

Didn't remember this was on-line until a friend posted it to my timeline on Facebook today. Kate and Max Greenstreet and I had a special time that day talking about our fathers and the things they taught us. I think this must have been 2010. I recommend all the other Kicking Wind videos and poem videos.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter Updates

Just want to update everyone on the dates for the readings for The Soluble Hour. I promised Rusty at Omnidawn that I would take this book around and share it with everyone, but it is really important that if anyone out there wants to come help remember Hillary and read poems with us at these readings, to please get in touch with me. Would be wonderful for her friends to be gathered together as much as possible.

February 1 6:30 PM in the Kelly Writer's House at the University of Pennsylvania. Thank you so much to Julia Block at Penn for organizing and to Jason Zuzga who will be joining us. Especially grateful that Hillary´s family will be with us.

March 9th AWP Bookfair, Tampa, 10:30-11:45AM at the bookfair.

May 16th in Chicago, Michael Robins, who has been a lovely champion of Hillary's poems and some of his fellow Chicagoan poets Ruben Quesada, Jennifer Scappettone, Valerie Wallace and I will be reading Hillary's poems at City Lit Books. Hillary´s former student the poet Sam Corfman will also be reading.

May 19th in Los Angeles: Please get in touch with me if you knew Hillary and want to be part of this reading. It will be at Poetic Research Bureau at 7:30 PM.

May 20th in Seattle: There will be a reading at Hugo House at 4PM. Hillary grew up near Seattle and went to school there, and her friend Rebecca Hooges will be introducing several readers who knew Hillary as well as saying a few words about her work.

The Soluble Hour will be at AWP at the Omnidawn table.

Thanks for supporting this book, continuing to support this book, supporting its readers, and Hillary´s family.


At the end of 2017 I had two poems published in POETRY. I'm very glad to be in this magazine and appreciate my friends supporting and cheering me on when they saw it come out. What I didn't expect was that somewhere in Canada, at the Green Valley School in Manitoba that a fifth grade teacher named Ken Peters would teach his students one of my poems and then ask me to Skype with his class. It was so much fun to get to hear from them and think through some things about poetry together. I also got to show them Kenny, which I must say seemed the beginning of some really big excitement. They also sent me letters!!!! and I'm so proud to know a little more about Manitoba and the fun stuff people do there. You all have a really great teacher, too!


I was also very humbled to be included in the Poets for Puerto Rico reading at the ICA museum here in Philadelphia back on December 17th. What an incredible reading!! The room was on fire! People sang and intoned and celebrated each other. Click here to donate to this amazing cause, helping farmers recover from Hurricane Maria.


Supposed to read for Charmed Instruments 2/22 and read for Sitting Room Series by Alina Pleskova.

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Soluble Hour by Hillary Gravendyk is now available!

The last poems of Hillary Gravendyk, The Soluble Hour, is now available from Omnidawn Books as part of its POCKET SERIES. You can buy the book here.

Anyone who knew Hillary and would like to participate in any of the readings scheduled to remember her and celebrate her poems should be in touch with me. Here is an updated schedule for the readings:


Oct 20 Reading at Moe’s in San Francisco, Erica Lewis and Omnidawn Authors
Oct 26 Cynthia Arrieu-King at University of Pittsburgh with other alumni, Jonathan Moody, Stacey Waite and Brandon Som. I will read poems by Hillary in my set. 7PM Gold Room, University Club.

Nov 3 Poet’s House Reading for Omnidawn's Fall Book Authors. 7PM


February 1, 6PM: A reading at University of Pennsylvania’s Kelly Writer’s House.

mid-May Chicago with Michael Robins, et al.
mid-May Denver
mid-May Poetic Research Bureau Los Angeles
May 20th Hugo House in Seattle

Thank you!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Small Anything City

This chapbook may be sold out but I have a very few copies left. Do not buy it from a pdf peddler on-line as they are breaking the law. Thanks!

Monday, August 28, 2017

The Soluble Hour by Hillary Gravendyk

Hillary's last book of poems will be published by Omnidawn in their Pocket Poetry series, October 3.

In Hillary Gravendyk’s The Soluble Hour, the speaker sings with visionary passion how the beloved and dear ones will soon be without her and laments for their imminent grief. But being in extremis pulls the voice towards testimony of unquestioned love, a recollection of landscapes Californian and otherwise, and previous selves. The poet wields her deep solitude as the measure of truth and conviction, the self that accepts its own impermanence.

It is available for pre-order from Omnidawn here. Cover painting Jean Nagai and cover design by Sharon Zetter.

Omnidawn is offering until September their entire fall 17 catalogue, including Hillary's book for $58 here. 


Many of Hillary's friends and family will be celebrating this book and reading from it in different cities around the country (Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco) this coming fall and spring. Please write me at my gmail, arrieuking, if you'd like to participate.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


For the past few years, if I'm asked to read somewhere, I ask if there will be more than one person of color. It's my responsibility to ask as a reader and your responsibility as a host to make sure that in a multiperson reading there is not one lone person of color. To quote Morgan Parker, if there are no people of color in your line up, "it doesn't make any goddamned sense."

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Fanzine

Thanks to Blake Butler for putting this poem in The Fanzine. It was inspired by the painting below, by Maurice de Vlaminck.